Sunroom Types. What Is It?

With so many types and styles to choose from, your Sunroom design can be stunning. We are here to make it as easy as possible. Determining how you plan to use your room is a good starting point. This will help to determine which type of room is right for you.

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What is a Sunroom

Solar rooms are glass and screen cabinets added to the house to create a unique interior space with a sense of exterior. Sunrooms let in a lot of light, and many Sunroom owners say that they feel rejuvenated when they add this unique room. Known by many other names such as sun deck, porch, glass body, Sunroom, this type of addition not only adds value to your home but also functional, affordable space like here You can look at some examples here.

Did you know that we can also enclose almost any existing enclosed space with our screen room or Sunroom systems? If you have an existing porch or covered terrace, we can turn it into a useful living space that doesn’t interfere with your view!

It is important to note that not all Sunrooms or Patio Enclosures are created in the same way. Patio Enclosures or Sunrooms are designed and manufactured to order, not only according to your requirements, but also according to the strictest standards of safety, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Because our rooms are an extension of your home, they are designed with the highest quality materials and sound design to meet or exceed building codes.

Traditional Sunrooms

Given the traditional design to build a room supplement, but love the abundance of light Sunroom brings to your home? Discover our Sunroom with traditional design – it takes the best of both worlds and combines them into one. Our traditional-framed Sunrooms are traditional Sunroom add-ons made of traditional materials such as wood, drywall and thermal insulation. They are designed and built to be a true extension of your existing home. The uniqueness of our traditional framing Sunrooms is that we can fill your room with any number of custom-made windows and doors in an infinite number of configurations as you wish – creating a unique and bright oasis.