A railing made of glass inspires with elegant transparency and gives buildings a modern charm. Apart from optical aspects the practical characteristics provide for a high demand. We have summarised the advantages and individual variants in order to facilitate the purchase decision. Supplementary Tipps round the councellor off.

Transparency: Many balcony or terrace railings block the view to the outside and make surfaces appear smaller and darker due to the optical demarcation. Glass railings, on the other hand, allow views through and favour open architecture. This is also advantageous for interior design when staircases or galleries need to be secured without adversely affecting the lighting conditions.

Individuality: Not all glass is the same. Railings can be fitted with various types of glass. Clear glass, frosted glass, coloured glass, patterned or printed glass. Almost every conceivable wish can be fulfilled. Independent of the glass, there is design freedom through different construction methods.

Safety: Glass railings that comply with the required standards offer a high degree of safety. In addition, the glass panes used make climbing up more difficult than other railing variants with braces, including metal railings. This is particularly important for families with children. The so-called “ladder effect” is prevented.

Durability: If high-quality materials, such as laminated safety glass (prescribed for fall protection) combined with stainless steel, are used and carefully processed, glass railings are extremely durable.

Care: Compared to wood, glass is much easier to care for. Regular sanding and painting is no longer necessary. Cleaning can be carried out conveniently with the right accessories. If a sealant is used, the cleaning effort is even reduced to a minimum.